Custom Maple Drums_MG_4864

PTech works with each customer to achieve the sound and performance desired.  Shell thickness, diameter, and depth, bearing edges, snare beds, finish, hardware, hoops, throwoff, and snares are all tailored to the customer.  Create your own personal voice!



Convert your drumsticks to combination sticks with stikcaps® removable drumstick mallets.  With a flip of your sticks you will have soft mallets that sound great on toms, cymbals, and timpani.  stikcaps® use no adhesives, can be put on or off in seconds, and are extremely lightweight.

Small size fits sticks 9/16″ in diameter (5A) and smaller.
Large size fits sticks larger than 9/16″.


Triangle Machines_Z5A0700_edit

PTech triangle machines offer maximum versatility and convenience.  They are adjustable for triangles ranging from 4″ to 9″, and are compatible with a wide variety of triangle beaters.  PTech triangle machines may be placed on a trap table, or attached to a cymbal stand with the integrated clamp.

Standard model holds a single beater.
Dual model holds two beaters for two handed playing.


Sandpaper Blocks_Z5A0782_edit

Two models are available.  The standard size has comfortable handles, quick release clamps, and uses half sheets of sandpaper.  The short/long set pairs a standard block with an extra long block for the ultimate long notes.  The long block has easy grip channels for comfort, and also uses a standard size of sandpaper.

Standard size – 4.5″ x 8.5″
Long size – 4″ x 16.5″



A traditional Japanese percussion instrument, Ki are struck together for a sound similar to claves, but with dramatically more volume.  Made of select red oak.


Bird Flappers_Z5A0827_edit

A truly unique instrument, bird flappers create a sound similar to a flock of birds.  Bird flappers are played by waving them up and down in a sweeping motion, allowing their wood slats to ‘flap’.  32” long, sold in pairs.


Wood Bell_Z5A0732_edit

A wooden rattle shaped like a small handbell, PTech’s wood bell has a bright staccato sound.  Can be shaken slowly or quickly for a variety of effects.