Custom Drum Repair


Bearing Edges and Snare Beds

Two of the most important and overlooked components of a drums sound and performance.  Many drums, whether old or new, inexpensive or top of the line, have inaccurate bearing edges, and snare beds that hamper performance.  A shell that is true and has accurate bearing edges is easier to tune, has a fuller sound, and more resonance.  A proper snare bed of the ideal depth and shape will give you great sensitivity, and a fat, crisp forte.  Maximize the performance of your drums, and hear what you have been missing!


PTech’s restoration services bring drums back to like new condition.  PTech can keep a drum _Z5A0234_editstrictly original or incorporate modern features.

Drum Recovering and Refinishing

PTech will recover or refinish your drum in the wrap or finish of your choice.

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